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DYNATECT Press Release Sep. 8th 2014
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Machine protection - Bellows - Motion elements

For more than 15 years our factory produces motion elements and bellows for machine protection. In addition to standard products we process special products adapted to your demand. Required forms and tools we design on our own. Base of our construction are modern technologies - to offer quality at the best.

Take us up on that! Click through our homepage and couch this very day your request of a machine protection element tailored to suit a market need in our checklist. We attend the rest.

Initial you are content, we are too!

Bellows are characterized by almost boundless application areas. With their enormous adaptability they even cope with difficult duties and responsibilities.   Slideway protections are dimensionally stable and flexible. Due to their lightly running they are particularly quiet. A safe guiding avoids pulling.   At one side protection folding aprons provide optimal guiding qualities. Almost all disturbing factors are prevented enduring with this protection element.   Even in problematic corner areas at long-term production box bellows keep their form stability.
Due to their high insulation thickness, pressings are suitable for extreme application ranges as thermal and kinematic load cases.
  Injection mouldings are the replacement of multiflex bellows in the area of full-production run. The thermoplastic qualities are reproducible with high production accuracy.
  We also produce special products custom-made according to your request and demands.
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